Welcome to Guy With Guitars! This is the beginning of a new venture in music education. I’ve been teaching private lessons long enough that I wanted to try something different… so how about online! Expect many short (5-10 minutes at the most) videos here covering… well… just about anything I can think of. I’ll cover the basics and advanced techniques, music theory, arranging, even maybe some critical listening skills. Ideally, I look to be making one or two videos a week. I’ll sort them all out here so you can get right to what you want – you don’t want to scroll through a dozen guitar videos to get to the one drum lesson you’re looking for, right?!

I will post an introduction video to a method of teaching/learning guitar scales I’m working on next week. In the meantime, I am open to topic suggestions. So… what do you want to learn?

If you want to know more about me, check out my blog and my bandcamp page. Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you next week. -Ed


1 thought on “Welcome!

  1. phillas

    Love the idea. I hope you’re successful.
    I tried learning acoustic guitar last year. I have some musical training so I’m not intimidated, but never played string instruments. My technique is awful as my left hand would start to hurt after 5 minutes of trying to hold chords. HALP


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