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Survival Of The Lowest: Now What

Today we’ll talk about the song I just posted on my music blog. Driven by 8-string guitars and littered with time changes, it’s about as close to standard Ed fare as one can get. But at any rate, let’s dig into the bass parts.

First, HERE is a link to listen to the song.

Let’s start with the main riff, which first appears at the very beginning. As is my usual approach, I stayed in the guitar’s range when I had to and dropped down to the normal bass range when I could. It doesn’t make for a particularly sexy bass line, but it works well.

Main Riff

Main Riff

In the verses, I just sucked it up and stayed in the guitar’s range. I could have made the alterations, but things just made more sense this way.



Since the guitars move off of the 8th string for the bridge, I could happily stay in the normal bass range here. To make the section a little more interesting, I threw in the main passing tone between the two chords (D5 and F#5, for the record) halfway through…

Now What 3

…and arpeggiated a D5 chord at the end.

Now What 4

Hope this all makes sense. As always, if you have questions, ask away. Thanks for reading and until next time, keep playing and You Shall Be Heard.